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Buiten de Pixels

'Buiten de Pixels' is an outside activity book based around a story written by Marco Kunst. In the story the computer of a little boy called Finn gets hacked when he is just about to walk into a dark alley in his videogame. He looks up  and sees an eye that leads him out of his house, where he discovers how beautiful the world is outside your screen.

Children spend too much time behind a screen which results in problems with their eyes. Pearle, a Dutch optician company, organized an event in the Amsterdamse Bos where children could go outside with the activity book and experience how beautiful the world is by touching, coloring and reading the story in giant letters through the forest.

I got to make the illustrations for this beautiful project.

An idea of Pearle

Concept and graphic design by Achtung! McGarryBowen
Story by Marco Kunst

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