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I love education and making art together!
Whether it's with children, youngsters or grown-ups, I try to inspire and encourage people to dive into their imagination.
I've worked at primary schools, high schools, refugee centre's and at university level art schools. These are some of my favorite projects that I've worked on.



Superheroes, magical creatures and power girls, you can find them all in Het Vrolijke Stripboek! Together with Stichting de Vrolijkheid I created a workshop series of 12 weeks in which the children of the refugee centre in Rijswijk made their own comic book and exhibition. They designed characters, came up with their stories and painted life size sculptures of their own creations. All the comics are bound in a riso printed book.


If you could design any animal that you want, what would it look like? In this workshop the children of schools all over Rotterdam create a non-existent animal inspired by a visit to the Natural History Museum of Rotterdam. With a focus on patterns, shapes and colors the children learn about different types of animals and how to take the reality into the imaginary. This workshop is made in partnership with SKVR and Rotterdam Cultuurtraject, designed together with Rowanne Settels. 



Together with the children and youngsters of the refugee centre in Rijswijk we made a growing installation in a green house. Every week I gave a workshop encouraging the kids to draw something around the theme of growing. What grows around you? What do you want to grow into yourself?

The project was made in partnership with Stichting de Vrolijkheid.

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