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Sometimes a moment is so beautiful that you wish that you could keep it that way forever. The way the sunlight hits the pavement, the people you are surrounded with, the sweetest cherries of the summer. Unfortunately this is not possible. Or so you thought! The Time Machine is a miraculous invention that will make you hold onto your memories of which you don't have a keepsake, so you will never forget them. The only thing you have to do is turn it on and tell it your memory, and within five minutes your story will be visualised.

I'm a very nostalgic person, but also very forgetful. These opposite character trades led me to invent this magical instrument.


This Machine has appeared at: Duizel in het Park Festival, Oerol Festival, Nationale Kastelendag, De Stripdagen in Utrecht, Cross Comix Festival, Pluimage Festival, Ruimtekoers.


Picture by Ruben Hamelink


Picture by Kirsten van Niekerk


Picture by Ruben Hamelink


Picture by Kirsten van Niekerk


Picture by Robin Alysha Clemens

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